Awesome nerd dad Rob Lopez had a fun idea for a May the Fourth prank on his two-year-old son Sebastian: dress up in a full Darth Vader outfit and wake the child up. Besides the actual wake-up, maybe the funniest part of the video is when Rob gets his wife to sign a permission form allowing him to prank their son in a manner that could lead to "years of therapy & counseling." (Jump to 1:05 to just see the wake-up.)


No need to worry about that from little Sebastian, however—like Han Solo when he walks in on Darth Vader on Cloud City, li'l Sebastian immediately reaches for his weapon upon seeing Vader. (BTW "Vader" is the Dutch word for Father, although the German pronunciation of "vater" is closer.) Even though he can barely lift his lightsaber, Sebastian does not back down for a second.