On ITV's This Morning program in Britain Wednesday morning, broadcaster and mother of two Sally Jones recounted episodes (video below) in which she confronted a teen driver over littering and a child who was kicking the back of her seat in a theater—and it's caused a very boisterous row on Twitter in response. Before getting to the backlash against ever correcting someone else's child (and the equally-vocal supporters who think nasty kids and terrible parents shouldn't get a free pass), here's what was said.

Ms. Jones first recounted an incident that seems cut and dry, aside from the risk she took upon herself. She said she pulled up to an intersection and saw the teenaged driver ahead of her dump fast food wrappers out of the car, "I just saw red when I saw a teenager in the car in front empty their fast food meal out of the window." Jones then recounted that she got out, picked up the litter and handed it "back through the window saying, "you seem to have dropped something."" This did not go over well with the teen's mom, who, shockingly, was sitting right next to the offender. The mom began screaming and cursing, and Jones' own daughter, who was in her car, later said "you must be mad, there could have been knives and guns."

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