The Internet is full of galleries of DIY projects for basement bars, gaming rooms and home movie theaters, but the ones that inspire the most envy are the amazing tree houses, playrooms, bunk beds, gifts and more that crafty parents make for their kids—because they'll make you wish you were their kids. The DIY forum on reddit is an amazing repository of all kinds of amazing craftiness, including these amazing projects to give kids a magical childhood. Here are 15 of the most impressive creations parents have carved, nailed, welded, painted, and glued together for their offspring.

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1. Ignore the awesome in-home slide (that was the kids' 2013 present), and watch user possumism fulfill his girls' request for a "Hello Kitty" and "dragon" computers:

2. When Janku had to figure out what to do with the dying tree in his backyard, he was finally able to fulfill his daughter's request for a clubhouse, resulting in something you could call an elven gazebo.

3. Proving a kid is never too young to get a hand-crafted (or laser-crafted) gift, lumpytuna carved these wonderful alphabet blocks (covering way more than just the alphabet) for her godson. She also makes stuff for adults at