Adults too. None of us should have iPhones. Except that gold one. That one looks sweet.

Last night, Louis CK stepped down from his moutaintop temple of figuring shit out to go on Conan and explain once again why our gadgets are destroying our humanity. This time, he's thinking about the children. Specifically about how they're already pre-disposed to experiment with being cruel and horrible, so giving them smartphones to help them hurt their peers from great distances isn't helping anybody. 

From there, he pretty much says none of us should have smartphones due to their narcotic denial of the human condition (we're all alone and afraid). I expect that as this video circulates, the Apple store should start to empty out as people abandon their need for a new gadget and choose instead to find a body of water to contemplate. So around 4 PM today will be the perfect time for you to bag that new Space Gray 5s.

(by Bob Powers)

Sources: Team Coco