Dance around the room if you are super pregnant and can still dance around the room.

She doesn't even look pregnant from this angle! (via Facebook)

If you're jealous of anyone who has the internal rhythm paired with the outward confidence to dance in public, the video below is about to make you very jealous. Eight-months-pregnant Nikki Taylor and her 6-year-old daughter Jaylyn have some impressive dance moves. In fact, their moves are pretty good for normal people, and, like SUPER good for a child and a woman who is about to bear another child.

Oh hi! We are about to blow your mind. (via Facebook)

Nikki told BuzzFeed she had originally made the video for her husband, but then it went bonkers on Facebook. Currently, it has amassed a cool 18 million views since she posted it on June 26th.

The best part is when Jaylyn says into the camera before the song starts, "My mom is gonna rock it. But don't laugh at her!" Don't worry Jaylyn, we are NOT laughing at your mom, we are laughing at ourselves because we wish we could dance like you two bosses.

Here's the full video:


Sources: Facebook | h/t BuzzFeed