Is he playing catch, or asking a giant baby to stop standing one-legged on that roof?
(via reddit)

His wife should have probably realized that when she married a guy with the reddit username of "cumtruck," something like this might happen if they reproduced. Mr. Truck claims that his wife specifically asked him to not "karma-whore" their baby on reddit for the upvotes (or karma) that are that site's currency. But not only did he post the picture above, he added several photoshopped versions for good measure, turning his son into a soccer-playing, waterskiing, super-powered Lord of the Dance:

"Come here son, and look at the time in your life you were most famous: 6 months old."
(via redditor cumtruck)

Mr. Truck also claims to have way too much time on his hands and apparently, decent Photoshop skills. So far, the baby has garnered over 3,000 upvotes, making it totally worth it even if this took a few drops to get the right picture. It almost makes me want to reconsider my strong "I am in no way qualified to be a parent" position, since I'm definitely qualified to earn Internet points. Naturally, the denizens of reddit weren't content to limit themselves to his Photoshop creations, and have added several of their own

Sources: redditor cumtruck