And one of these guys is the father! (via)

Almost every pregnancy announcement is made through social media these days. It just makes sense. No one has the time to call everyone they know, and the only time entire families are gathered together are at weddings or funerals, neither of which are ideal settings to steal focus. So the Internet is the way to go. Like everything else with social media, some announcements are made using questionable judgement, and some are really creative and wind up going viral.

This couple spotted a golden opportunity and grabbed it. What are the odds of finding out you're expecting a child and running into Paul Rudd, who happened to star in a movie with a baby announcement as a title? Pretty slim. 

And Paul Rudd seems perfectly happy to play along, so much so that they could've easily gotten too cute and totally misfired by going with other Paul Rudd movies. 

And over-sharing:

Or being too cynical:

Yeah, Knocked Up was the right call.

(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Buzzfeed