You'll have what she's having?


Cool. She's having a baby. 

Many women have said since forever that the birth of their baby was the best day of their lives, and now we now why. In some very earth-shattering news, a new study suggests the act of giving birth makes some women cum. (Sorry to be graphic, but grow up; every pregnancy is just the consequence of somebody's orgasm anyway.)

YouTube channel Channel Mum spoke to 2,209 mothers about different facets of their pregnancies, and found that a quivering 6% of them had what they call "orgasmic births." Literally, they had actual orgasms while pushing out their child. 

Generally, giving birth is portrayed as the worst experience possible, second only to having to live with the wretched beast until adulthood. And that is true, unless you are one of the lucky 6%. Then 

Obviously, this story is very pleasurable for women.