Leah Franklin is now the queen of the social media trend "pregnant women dancing," wherein heavily pregnant women film themselves busting some moves with their big bellies on display. On February 2, Franklin shared this video of herself (along with her baby daddy) dancing and lip-syncing to, appropriately, "The Baby Momma Dance" by Starrkeisha (a.k.a.) Cameron J. Henderson.


According to Yahoo! News, Franklin later posted an update to the video, saying she gave birth two days later on February 4 to her baby boy.

"Drop it down, drop it down, down low." Good luck getting up, though.

The whole "pregnant women dancing" trend began when moms-to-be started posting videos of themselves dancing to induce labor, or sometimes as a way to get through the pain of labor. This video of New Zealand mom Ambz Shi Murphy dancing during labor to the same song has over a million and half views on Facebook.

Waiting for Baby to come like.....󾆴🏻󾆩🏻 #babymama

Posted by Andrea Willis on Saturday, December 26, 2015