Utah-based data company Domo is raising the bar for maternity policies by offering a $2,000 wardrobe bonus to pregnant employees. The move is getting high praise for acknowledging that being a mom gets tough even before baby arrives.

In an interview with People, Domo CEO Josh James explained the policy by saying, "I've always believed that if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you play good. We want our expectant employees to be able to treat themselves, and buy clothes that make them feel great." 

A company that wants you to actually enjoy shopping for maternity jeans.

The gesture is going a long way for employees like Erica Bartsch who raved about Domo's policy on Facebook. Bartsch's emoji-filled love spree goes to show how a little investment in employees can go a long way. She described her new wardrobe to Fortune as "life changing."

Sources: Fortune