If you're not 15 and obsessed with YouTube stars, you may not be familiar with the Holderness family, a family of four who is pretty popular on the video sharing website. In celebration of Mother's Day, Penn Holderness strapped on an empathy belly at the request of his wife, Kim. (Mother's Day, by the way, is May 8. Don't forget.) Penn complained about having the extra load strapped onto his stomach. A lot. Then he complained some more. And finally, a bit more.


Ugh, 12 minutes! Here are some highlights:

"I feel warm. I don't like feeling warm."

Complaining even before the belly is fully on.

Well, don't get pregnant then, Penn.

Penn kept trying to come up with clever ways to circumvent the physical difficulty of being pregnant.

Mansplaining how to open a drawer.
Sources: Popsugar