Chontel Duncan is a pregnant fitness model who has better abs in her third trimester than anyone—even those not gestating a fetus. 

Last week, a photo of Duncan comparing baby bumps with a friend, who's only four weeks ahead in her pregnancy, went viral for representing how different women carry their babies differently.

The kids are friends already.

People on the internet were confused and mesmerized by the photo, so Duncan started posting videos of her workouts to show how she keeps in such good shape even when she has this obvious excuse not to. While a lot of the look has to do with the shape she was in before the pregnancy, she's been keeping her workouts up in the months since conception.

Here she is boxing in what should be the next Rocky reboot:

She writes:

Tonight's workout was on point, even though sooooo much is now modified for me, I am SUPER grateful for my pre pregnancy health condition that has allowed my body to absolutely smash this pregnancy & provided me with the ability to keep moving now almost at 37 weeks.