It's over before you know it. 

Ian Padgham is a professional Vine artist—which apparently is now a viable career path. As such, he spends a great deal of his time creating some pretty interesting six-second short animated videos, sometimes for corporate brands and sometimes just for his own pleasure.

His newest Vine, however, is probably his most personal one. It seems to have taken him about nine months to complete, but he did get some help from his wife, Claire Pasquier. She appears to have done at least a little of the heavy lifting:

Now, I know people have done time-lapse pregnancy videos before, but this one is particularly striking. Take note of the background. It never moves at all. Near as I can tell, Padgham locked an iPhone onto a shelf with a vice and kept it there for the better part of a year. Think about what that means. I mean, how did the guy play 2048

(by Dennis DiClaudio)


Sources: Ian Padgham | h/t BuzzFeed