Redditor Brewhaus3223 and his wife went to the doctor for an ultrasound at 24 weeks. Like any couple, they were likely excited and a little nervous. But it went better then they could have ever expected, because as they quickly found out, they're giving birth to a beautiful baby car.


Brewhaus3223 tells Someecards that he and his wife had been trying to have a baby for two years without success. After multiple attempts at in vitro fertilization, they finally had their first child via gestational surrogate, who gave birth to a lovely daughter with no Transformer qualities.

Then, when their daughter was about six months old, "A miracle happened and my wife became pregnant naturally, well as naturally as you can when you're carrying a car."

The kid's future. Destiny.

The commenters feasted on the opportunity for puns and car-jokes, with one dude saying, "The Fast and the Fetus," and another saying "The All-New Ford Fetus!" Yeah, lots of fetus stuff. It's okay though, because Brewhaus3223 says he can "always enjoy a good pun."