When most of us think about childbirth, we think of screaming, sweaty women in stirrups who grab the doctor by their collar and yell, "GET THIS KID OUTTA ME!" before hissing at their partner through gritted teeth, "YOU did this to me." Right? We all think of that? Is that too specific? Oh well. Anyway.

This certainly was not the case for one mother named Audra who gave the easiest, quietest water birth imaginable. Truly, the baby looks like it just slides right on out.

The video was uploaded by midwife Lisa Marie Oxenham. According to the post, this was Audra's second home birth.

My client Audra's beautiful second home birth. A midwife's role is fluid, providing whatever is necessary for each individual birthing experience, although almost always that role is simply to offer the gift of quiet presence.


The commotion comes after the baby was born, as the second-time-mom holds her child close to her chest and cries. Not only did she just bring life into this world, but she did the impossible—she made childbirth look easy. Congrats to that baby, your parents seem mega chill.