We don't make choices once, we make them everyday.

"Where's this thing inserted?"


I'm not a mom. I'm probably never going to be. It's not that weird not to have kids, plenty of people choose not to. Some people don't get a choice. Yet, as you get older, especially if you're a woman, the world starts to gently remind you about that passing opportunity. Then the world gets more persistent about how you'll be dried up and alone forever and always. Look, world, childless people don't need your grim prognostications! They're aware. While I feel pretty strongly that kids are not for me, I am always making up my mind. I'm always asking myself difficult questions about what it will mean, for me. And still....NOPE. Here are 8 times I almost changed my mind about not having kids, but then totally didn't.

1. The time my best friend had a baby.

Yum, cake.

I've known my best friend since we were four-years-old. She's always wanted to have kids and I've always said, "Hard pass." Still, when that little nugget came out of her and started doing more than squalling or sleeping, I did entertain the fantasy of the two of us raising little girls together. Enrolling them in the same school. Watching them grow old and experience the love and camaraderie I've shared with my best friend all these years. Nothing makes for life-long friendships better than your moms forcing you to be nice! But having a matching accessory kid for her little girl is the wrong reason to grow a person inside me. I'll have to settle for being the eccentric auntie.