That is a person's body, not a brick wall.

Wow! It's been, like, a while since we've seen some crazy hot mom pop up online and piss off large swaths of the regular-looking public by flaunting her obscenely toned body in an effort to make us norms feel bad. 2013 gave us both Maria Kang and Caroline Berg Eriksen, but 2014 came and went with nary a self-righteously Instagrammed washboard ab. I was actually starting to worry about the safety of our smug fitness freak moms—maybe they were trapped under heavy Bowflex machines!—until this story came along.


Does "cookie dough ice cream" count as an excuse? (via)

Abby Pell (a.k.a. @superabs) is a 33-year-old British mother with negative-5% body fat and abdominal muscles that could cut a diamond. She posted the above photo of her two favorite things in the world—her daughter and her muscle definition—along with the phrase "I have a kid, a six pack and no excuse" to her Instagram account back in February, but people have been getting way too angry about it just recently. The Mirror quotes one angry commenter as calling it "fat shaming, pure and simple," and another characterizing it as "so demeaning."

What Pell also has, and doesn't mention in the photo, is a job as a trainer and nutritionalist, as well as some experience competing onstage for World Beauty Fitness & Fashion titles. So, maybe she's in a slightly better position for staying in shape than someone who sits behind a desk all day. That said, I'm sure there are plenty of super-fit office workers in the world, along with a decent amount of pudgy nutritionalists/trainers (though probably not many fat WBFF competitors—that's kind of a self-selective group).

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