Her day's eats will make you feel both better and worse about yourself.

Yeah but when do you eat meals? (via)


Kara Rosen, founder of juice company Plenish, published her "My day on a plate" in the Telegraph yesterday. It went viral after it was tweeted out by Anita Singh, a Telegraph editor.

Rosen's someone for whom an "almond-milk cappuccino" is a weekend treat, and rice cakes count as "something carby." Her ridiculously ambitious schedule starts at 6am with "hot water and lemon" and ends at 9pm with "ginger tea with a squeeze of lemon." Even the Telegraph's nutritionist seems to think Rosen needs more fuel.

Is she binge eating brownies between 9pm and 6am?

I feel lighter just reading about how little food she actually ingests, but oddly also started craving macaroni and cheese. With a squeeze of lemon, obvi.

Singh's sentiment that Rosen needs to eat a Twix resonated with people, and soon they were sharing their own "days on plates":

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