Well, this is some bullshit.

Every woman has the right to deal with the horrible frustration of pumping at work.
(stock photo of some lady who was probably fired)


Angela Ames is a former loss-mitigation specialist at Nationwide Insurance. Shortly after returning from maternity leave, Ames was fired after requesting break time and a private space in the office to pump during the day. She sued for discrimination and lost.

Now, the Supreme Court has rejected her petition to overturn the trial court's ruling, which included the finding "that breastfeeding-related firings aren't sexist because men can lactate, too," says RawStory.

Yep, that old defense.

"I hate when it's Daddy's turn to nurse me." (stock photo)

And if you learn the full story, it gets worse!

Here's what happened: After giving birth prematurely (what did I tell you?), Ames had two months off for maternity leave (hang on, that's not the part that's supposed to make you angry). On the day she got back, she couldn't access the lactation room at her office because no one would give her the key—she was told it would take several days for her to get in. Fun first day back at the office!

Her supervisor, who is clearly an unfeeling boob (Sorry, I only use puns when I am filled with rage), told her to "just go home and be with your babies." He then drafted a resignation letter for her.

That wasn't enough for the court that first heard Angela's case to rule against Nationwide. According to the ACLU's Galen Sherwin:

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