What's a heartbroken girl to do during the fateful weekend of her ex-boyfriend's wedding?


Thanks to wedding websites, which trumpet all of the adorable details of a couple's courtship and honeymoon plans (“They hated each other at first—can you believe it?" “The bridesmaids will carry bouquets of snapdragons because that is the couple's shared favorite flower!"), it can be hard to ignore when your guy-that-got-away officially “gets away."

So here are some helpful tips (and no, none of them is “show up at the wedding, Graduate-style") for surviving the weekend your ex gets married:

1. Smoke the Old Supply – Literally or Figuratively.

When you're missing the familiar embrace of your ex-BF who is about to score a whole lot of monogrammed towels, why not fall into the equally familiar arms of that bartender who you had a dalliance with all those years back? Either that or get blazed like it's 4:20 pm on 4/20 and lose all sense of what day it is and what event is taking place at a nearby function hall.