There you are: hungover, late for work and in a bed that isn't yours.


Ideally, we would always know when a hook up was going to happen. We'd arrive prepared with a change of clothes, or better yet, that hook up would occur in the comfort of our own home. But sometimes you meet a fella at a bar or an old flame invites you out for a friendly drink or a first night leads to a very fun last night.

I've had a few of these adventures over the years—mostly in New York City, where I don't have the luxury of having a spare outfit in my car. A few times, I've woken up at a hook up's apartment with no time to go home before having to drag my hungover ass to work or a meeting or whatever else.

As a crafty gal on a budget, I've found these affordable products turned my walk of shame into a cab ride of pride:

1. American Apparel bodysuit ($28)

Just remember to put your pants back on. (via

The easiest thing to pick up when you can't wear yesterday's clothes to work again is a bodysuit from good ol' AA. It's a shirt and underwear in one! Talk about killing two birds with one spandex stone. Most folks that work in AA are disaffected hipsters anyway, so they won't question why you need to change into dance wear at 9 am.