Nick Offerman is sitting by a fire and sipping scotch for 45 uninterrupted minutes to bring toasty holiday cheer to everyone. It's a fun reboot of the vintage TV tradition of broadcasting a yule log for those that don't have a fireplace. It's also a fitting project for Nick Offerman, the embodiment of masculinity. Just last year for the holidays he serenaded us with a song about his love of whiskey. When he's not singing about scotch or sipping it by a fire, he's teaching Jimmy Fallon how to gorge on fatty meat.

Go ahead, indulge in the hypnotic trance of his warm gaze. You'll be classier and warmer just for having watched it:


We need more new holiday traditions like this one. It's far superior to hipster dudes decorating their beards with ornaments, or yule log videos that feature Internet celebrity cats.

Sources: YouTube