Starring Amy Poehler, Matt Dwyer, and Del Close. Written by Adam McKay and Tom Gianas. Seen by barely anyone until now.

I'm having a hard time describing this 1995 pilot, "RVTV," that Second City dug up from its archives in a single sentence, which might have something to do with why it was never picked up. Let me try anyway: a 24-year-old Amy Poehler plays a "hacker" trying to deliver a subversive call-to-hacks message to other hackers...through the television. The ultimate goal is to disrupt Dan Rather's news broadcasts with any web videos people can send her. Apparently, web video was in short supply in 1995. She also breaks into rap frequently.

With her are comedian and (now) podcaster Matt Dwyer, and Del Close, the patron saint (he might prefer demon) of the long-form improv scene. Del was Poehler's mentor and he is definitely the patron demon of the Upright Citizens Brigade (show, theater and school), founded by Poehler, Matt Besser, Matt Walsh and Ian Roberts. Indeed, you can see a lot of what would become the airwave-hacking ethos of the Upright Citizens Brigade sketch show on Comedy Central, for which Del voiced the intro.

I'll let Matt Dwyer, who talked to Second City about this clip, explain it better:

Ohhhhh. It makes total sense now.


Still awesome.

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