A group of Global Calgary news anchors couldn't even pretend to stomach their coworker's horrendous artichoke dip after sampling the atrocious appetizer live on air. Traffic reporter Leslie Horton admitted to something going wrong while preparing the dip, but rather than throw it out, she decided to torture her co-anchors with it. You know it must have been real bad when a bunch of Canadians couldn't even pretend to be nice.


"It's not that bad. It's the vinegar," said Meteorologist Jordan Witzel as he tried to swallow the potent dip. "But there's no vinegar in there!" replied Horton.

Fellow reporters Amber Schinkel and Scott Fee tried to politely down the swampy, tangy spread, but Schnikel couldn't help but blurt out, "it burns!"

Looks like you can call the dip a "gag gift."

Turns out things went wrong for Horton when she used pickled artichokes as the main ingredient instead of regular canned artichokes— hence the vinegar overload. Horton takes it all in stride, though. She even has an idea for a name for her infamously sour dish.