I'll admit it: I love boy bands. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a catchy yet emotionally vulnerable pop song. Well, move over, *NSYNC. As of today I have a new favorite boy band. Meet the Woke Bois, the feminist boy band creation of comedy YouTube channel The STATION by MAKER.

The Woke Bois are four dudes who just became aware of their male privilege, and are using their sexy newfound knowledge of feminism to seduce women. Their debut parody song is called "White Male Feminist," and includes amazing lyrics like, "I'm a white male feminist can't you tell?/I read so many think pieces now I'm woke as hell." Writer Courtney Paruoso said in a behind the scenes video that she wanted to "write a song about white dudes using feminism to get laid." Well, mission accomplished, and it's undeniably brilliant.


Honestly if the Woke Bois ever went on tour, I'd buy tickets.