Bella is an orphaned grizzly cub from Alaska who is now good friends with Casey Anderson, a naturalist with a GoPro. Anderson took some GoPro footage of himself playing with Bella that, if you're deluded enough, will let you pretend you're tickling the soft little paws of a baby bear.


The cuteness of baby bears was no secret but oh wow, that Bella is one cuddly beast.

Let's discuss those baby paws.

"You love this don't you?" "YES I REALLY DO."

Bella has some really great paw pads that are just asking for a human to tickle. Her paw pads are like dog paw pads or cat jellybean toes but there's so much more paddage. What's not to love?!?

Then there's Bella's snout, which rivals her paws in attractiveness. 

"In a few years I will eat that hand."