The Sacramento Kings and health care company Kaiser Permanente hosted a baby race during the Kings' March 27 game against the Portland Trail Blazers. This race was even more spectacular than previous ones the Kings and the Kaiser co-hosted for two reasons: one, it was on Easter and bunny ears were thus involved, and two, this race also featured a stellar comeback from an underdog.

At first, tearful little Micah had no chance of winning. Then, as luck would have it, his main competitor got distracted, and Micah inched to the finish line, despite his blinding tears and possible distractions from some tasty-looking snacks.


Micah, what a champ. He made it through whatever nightmares he was enduring to drag himself to the end.

A lot happens at these baby races. Skip to :54 in the video below to watch a little kid at a March 13 race take a nap on the same floor upon which countless athletes have sweated.

Sources: Sacramento Bee