Some doctors watched and diagnosed the most egregious injuries from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, and apparently, Joe Peschi and Daniel Stern would have been really screwed and likely dead. It turns out repeated traumas to the head, neck, and spine would completely incapacitate or kill a real person, and the McCallister parents would have most certainly done jail time or had their kids taken away after abandoning Kevin twice. (These days, Macaulay Culkin still roams New York, but he goes to see the latest broadway plays starting Bob Saget.)

Enjoy realizing that the movie that made you squeal with delight as kid is a total death fest:


One thing missing from the video: There was no discussion of what the health implications would have been for that woman in Central Park that was covered in pigeons. But most New Yorkers would rather take a brick or nail to the head then be covered with those birds.

Sources: Distractify