The Maritime Bhangra Group is a dance crew based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and they've gone viral once or twice by proving that even the cold of the Great White North is no match for their hot Punjabi rhythms. Most recently they created a sizzling routine for that most Canadian of problems—snow shoveling.

OK, maybe they don't actually clear much powder in the course of this performance, but hey, you gotta celebrate once you're done. Just try not to slip on ice.


As more than one YouTube commenter pointed out, these are some pretty "sikh" moves—which is why the video has racked up more than a million views over on Facebook. If you like what you see, the group is asking for donations to a charity battling ALS. If you're local, you can also book these guys for your next bhangra party by emailing Hasmeet Singh at Bhang on, everyone.