The proper attire for a Mo'Mentos occasion.

Once upon a time, somebody dropped a Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke, and the Internet never looked back. In fact, there was a several month period a few years back in which it seemed like you had to wade through a fizzy mire of Mentos/Diet Coke experiment videos just to get to your daily allotment of cat memes and celebrity nip slips. 

Too bad this Vine of a guy covered in Mentos falling into a tank of Diet Coke didn't exist back then. It would have really exploded.

That's Harley Morenstein, from the popular bro-centric YouTube stunt cooking show Epic Meal Time, in this teaser clip. His new show EpicMealEmpire doesn't begin airing on the FYI television network until next month, so I'm assuming he survived this junk-food-based science-esque exploit. 

It's worth noting that Morenstein appears to be attempting this with only a snorkel for respiratory assistance, while David Letterman opted for a full oxygen tank when he did essentially the same thing about thirty years ago.  

(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: Harley Morenstein | h/t Laughing Squid