Alejandro Rhett, J.Crew's vice president of men's merchandising, spent the evening posting bar pics after saying goodbye to 175 co-workers.

Looks like a fun party, if you can afford it. (via NY Post)


If you're not keeping up with the inner workings of corporations that sell variations on tan pants, you probably don't know that J. Crew isn't doing so hot. Their most recent earnings report showed they'd suffered an overall operating loss of almost $521 million. That's a lot! People's hunger for beige sweaters is waning. One of the direct outcomes of this report was 175 lay-offs around the J. Crew offices. That's a lot, too! Think of all those people going home to tell their families and pets and lovers that they've been laid off.

I seeeeee you, being a d-bag. (via NY Post)

Probably a fair share of them went drinking, but it was sad drinking. Alejandro Rhett, VP of men's merchandising, went PARTYING. And he wasn't afraid to show it on social media, using some of these super fun hashtags: #gonegirl #hungergames #maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavor #nofunhere. Presumably, #nofunhere is ironic, because it looks as though they're having lots of fun.

A casual day of laughing at other's misfortune. (via NY Post)

Confirming that people who give the finger to their friends in pics are super cool.
(via NY Post)

Honestly, I understand why they're celebrating. There's probably been an enormous amount of tension and somehow they've missed the guillotine. Sure, feel good. But when you post pics all over Instagram showing off how great you feel when almost 200 people are out of work, folks are gonna call it like they see it. And they see a bunch of tone-deaf assholes. Especially since, according to the NY Post, Rhett personally fired a number of them himself.

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