He risked it all for only 250k views.

"Cougar Town: Population Josh!" (via YouTube)


Josh Newell was peeking around the closed-off Cougar exhibit at the Columbus Zoo when he noticed that "the cats were looking like they wanted some love." Did Josh just stand there and let those felines wallow in their own loneliness? No. He didn't. Because he is a self-proclaimed "animal lover" with a heart. He hopped over their barrier and started petting them through the wire fences, capturing the whole thing on YouTube:

Josh had apparently seen a video of a friend swimming with a shark and wanted to one-up him in a game of wild-animal themed "Who is has the bigger dick?" The video shows a rare, close-up encounter with a cougar, but also a super dangerous and illegal one. Josh is being charged with criminal trespassing. He admits that it was a "very bad decision," and based off his interview with NBC4i, it seems like he's more worried about being banned from the zoo than any other punishment, which is weirdly kind of sweet. When asked what would've happened if he was bitten, he stated he "wouldn't have sued the zoo," as if he would have any power to do so after jumping a fence into a literal lions' den.

The zoo stated that they have very specific rules in place for keeping animals and guests safe, and that Josh was lucky he wasn't hurt:

No matter how relaxed and comfortable those pumas seemed to be with that guest, the next thing they were going to do was bite him. Why it didn't happen we really don't know.
Sources: NBC4i