Two people in Outer Banks, N.C. thought this was a good idea. There really is someone for everyone.


My favorite thing in this video is the gentle, non-judgemental southern drawl of the woman narrating as she films:

"These people are going swimming in their homemade shark cages...they don't want to get bit. The lifeguard's telling 'em, 'No.'"

Yep, that about covers it! If you try to enter the ocean in a flimsy, unwieldy cage, a lifeguard is honor-bound to stop you. It's a lifeguard's job to keep people from drowning, no matter how much it seems like they want to.

The couple's antics have been revealed to be a "joke," according to Sky News:

"Scott Bergman and his wife carried their cages aloft into the waves off the North Carolina coast - an area that has recently seen a spate of shark attacks.

'It was the other people filming us, taking pictures of us, that really caught the attention and really took off,' Mr Bergman said. 'The idea is that you would go in and you put it down on the surface of the ocean so that you have protection.'

The cages - which Mr Bergman has branded the Blockjaw PSC1, or Personal Shark Cage 1 - are made from PVC pipes and steel bolts."

So, what's the joke here? They still tried to go into the water wearing a cage. You might be slightly less likely to drown in a cage made of PVC pipes than one made of steel, but ultimately all you need to drown is water and an immobilized body. So...haha?

Sources: Jordan Cutrell | Sky News