Youtuber Crazy Russian Hacker clearly has a death wish in the New Year. He found a way to make these massive sparklers to casually swing around his head, and he only needed three common household items. It is beautiful.

It's OK, he's wearing sunglasses.
It's OK, he's wearing sunglasses.

Obviously, DIY fireworks sound like an accident waiting to happen, and they are. Crazy Russian Hacker, in his awesomely thick accent, specifically says, "Please do not try this experiment at home." Then in the very next breath, he tells you exactly how to try this at home. All you do is pop on some sunglasses, tie a string around a bunch of steel wool, rub a battery on it, then watch everything you love burn to the ground. It's just that simple.

Here's the entire, accident-free video:

Again, don't try to make your own fireworks or this will be you.

Sources: Youtube: Crazy Russian Hacker