In a VH1 special, Fogle made fun of the pedophiles who get caught on To Catch A Predator. (His comments start around 6:10.)

This 2008 episode of VH1's I Love The New Millennium must have made sense when it aired, but now it just raises questions. First of all, why was there a show looking back at 2005's pop culture in 2008? Is three years enough time to form nostalgia? Also, why was Jared Fogle brought in as a talking head? Even before the world knew that he was a pedophile, he was a punchline – not someone who delivers them.

Of course, VH1's producers had no idea of his creepy activities at the time, even though in 2008 he was texting with his girlfriend about paying for sex with teenagers. So nobody saw the irony in cueing him up to make fun of the pedophiles who were exposed on NBC's newsploitation show To Catch A Predator. Fogle's comments seem particularly ironic, knowing what we do today:

"These guys continue to fall for it every single time. There must be like a hundred million episodes of the show, and they still come out."

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