Being on the wrong side of two arguments, Rep. Lee Bright is one of history's biggest losers.

Today, the South Carolina state legislature voted 36-3 to remove the Confederate battle flag from capitol grounds. Bad news for Lee Bright, state representative from Spartansburg, SC, and upset daddy's boy. In the debate to remove the flag, Bright made a rambling plea to overturn gay marriages everywhere.

The debate to remove the flag began in the public after the horror of the shooting at the Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston last month. This is a very big symbolic achievement in ending a campaign of racial terror that has haunted our society for longer than we care to admit.

Coincidentally, our nation is making another big leap forward during "Hope and Change Super-Party Summer 2015." Legal marriages in the United States are now offered to any two people, regardless of sex, thanks to the narrow 5-4 Supreme Court ruling on June 26th.

Rep. Bright not only represents the people of South Carolina, but also futility. This is how narrow-minded people fight. They try to make the conversation about something else instead of about how they should maybe stop defending a hate-flag. Maybe in the 1990s, you could get away with stopping progress by starting a "Who loves the Bible most?' competition on the congressional floor, but that game don't work no more.


Bright's impassioned, clumsy plea to make everyone follow the Bible whether they like it or not thankfully falls on deaf ears in the legislature. At least we now have a great recording of this sad display to show the future what losers looked like in the year 2015.

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