An artist and vagina-haver named Davison is "grabbing back" at Donald Trump's p*ssy comments by painting a portrait of him using her own. That's one way to do it!

Davison, who went viral in March for painting Trump with her boob, painted two pictures of the Republican nominee with her hoo-ha as a way to protest him and his sexist comments. She will auction off the paintings and donate 50% of the proceeds to ovarian cancer research.

Honestly, what Davison painted with her vajayjay is better than anything I could have painted with my hands, so kudos! Plus, it gives me the shivers to think about slathering my lady parts in cold paint.

She really captured his blob-like essence.
YouTube: Davison

Davison ended up auctioning the painting she made with her boob for $530, half of which she donated to a breast cancer charity. Hopefully these little p*ssy-paintings will also bring in the big bucks for a good cause.