Dr. Sandra "Pimple Popper" Lee had a new patient who was bedeviled by a series of small growths on her ribcage and upper stomach. Neither she nor Dr. Lee were exactly sure what they were, so they went to the microscope to find out! If you're a 'popaholic,' you've probably been wondering "what's next? I've seen blackheads, I've seen whiteheads, I've seen cysts, I've even seen giant poppable lumps." Well, my gross friends, here's your answer: SCIENCE!

(There are several types of pops in this. It begins with a punch-and-snip before moving on to a few clean pops and one struggler.)


They were vellus hair cysts all along! Vellus hairs are the light, tiny hairs that grow all over your body, but sometimes they get ingrown and keep growing and become a cyst! Yay science!