The biggest alligator ever roamed the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Florida this week, posing the question: can that be real?

"That must be the biggest alligator I have seen in my life," our narrator, Charles Helms, 56, begins. "Jesus, he must be 15 feet long." 


After a moment of consideration, Helms comes to his senses, "I think that's two guys in an alligator suit."

Based on everything we know about Florida, that theory is equally plausible. Or it could be a hoax video created with special effects, as some people on the Internet theorized.

For perspective*, here's the gator compared to a regular Florida-sized human, golfer David Matos:

*Helms was clearly trying to trick his friend into getting eaten on camera.

It's frickin' huge. Even if that isn't two men inside a gator costume, it could still be two men inside a gator.