Most viral stars have a moment in the spotlight before quickly fading away from the public consciousness, and grandmother of four Sara Coull—who spent two minutes falling in the mud as an unconcerned friend took a video—​is no different. But Sara is also notable for having a pretty positive reaction to all the attention, however fleeting, that came from this being uploaded to Facebook:


My poor mum stuck in the mud then falling

"It's mental," Coull said, according to the Telegraph. "It's had more than 2.7 million views in three days. I just think it's crazy."

Pretty calm reaction, considering nearly three million people—and counting—have watched her scream obscenities, struggling desperately to get free like a determined Bear Grylls escaping quicksand (but without all the pee-drinking).


The ordeal ended when Sara's friend finally rescued her with a tractor. "I had to drive home in just my underwear and coat," Sara recalls, "It was in the evening, too, so it was freezing. Luckily, it was dark." Lucky? Sara Coull is more than a good sport, she's a viral saint. Do it for the Vine.

Sources: Facebook: Georgia Holliss