If you are looking for a calorie free way to enjoy candy, don't eat it—crush it with a hydraulic press. (No, this is not a weight loss infomercial.) The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube crushes a whole bunch of household items, squishing things down in a inexplicably hypnotic way. In the past, they have crushed fruit, TVs, and even a bowling ball, but nothing has been more strangely soothing than crushing gummy bears


The host's thick Finnish accent and the maniacal laughter heard in the background of the video only seem fitting as the poor, innocent gummy bears get squished into a colorful, sugary mess. Eventually, when the host trades out the army of regular sized gummy bears for one extra large one, things get even more hypnotic.It is just what your brain needs after the work week—a visual representation of what your brain feels like after the work week.