From the department of "but why?!" comes this fire ant video from the very daring but very masochistic adventurer and nature enthusiast Coyote Peterson. Peterson, who let himself be bit by harvester ants in the past, wanted to demonstrate to his fans on his Brave Wilderness YouTube channel the ferocious swarming tendencies of fire ants. (Editor's Note: As a former Florida resident, this is not a lesson any kid who accidentally kicked the wrong dirt pile needs to be taught twice.) 

Peterson set a goal for himself of letting the ants bite him for 60 seconds, but even a guy whose entire YouTube raison d'être is stuff like this could only manage a little over half that. This resulted in over 300 bites and stings that took over 30 days to heal and have since left scars. So, the least you could do is watch. (Jump to 3:10 if you want to get straight to the pain.)

Sources: Brave Wilderness