A woman named Ashy Murphy uploaded this video of the freeloader poltergeist who has been trashing her kitchen to Facebook, and it immediately went viral. Half the people sharing it were crapping their pants over seeing a bonafide paranormal experience, the other half were racing to comment, "FAKE! FAKE! FAKE!" Be your own judge.

This could certainly be faked, but the attention to terrible detail makes it very convincing. Filming in portrait? Check. Inconsistent exposure? Check. Shakey camera work? Check. Ireland also seems like a place ghosts would hang. They have great music and filling beer. 


On the other hand, we've been unable to locate Ashy Murphy on Facebook, which points to some sort of conspiracy. It's possible all the media attention was enraging her house guest further, and she deleted it for the sake of her lamp. Or the ghost deleted it? If spirits can get in your cabinets, they can get in your profile settings. Oh well. Guess this video won't be settling the "is there an afterlife" question once and for all.

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