Despite the Internet dominance of dermatologist Sandra "Dr. Pimple Popper" Lee and her cyst excision videos, some of the most satisfyingly disgusting (a.k.a. "satisgusting"®) pops still come from do-it-yourselfers. Who can forget the young girl whose mom helped her pop a six-year-old ear pimple, or the many other home-baked pops to be found online.

Now, redditor yuckin_chuck has contributed his own magnificent piece to the gallery of blech. After biting his lower lip, yuckin_chuck developed a mucocele cyst. He decided to pop it on camera, creating a six-second clip that contains all the satisfaction of a half-hour giant lipoma removal.


Now that you've watched this clip loop a few hundred times, watch it on Gfycat to play around with the video and really get your freak on. Watch it in slow motion to fully capture the exact moment all that viscous fluid bursts out of this dude's flesh. Watch it in reverse to make it look like he's slurping that thick clear mucus into a second mouth inside his mouth. Do whatever you want. It's your day.