The Philadelphia police department is really into 90s nostalgia, but not video editing (video below).

Looks like the NBC chairman got a makeover. (via YouTube)

If you were a kid in the 90s, you probably remember that sometimes the producers of Saved By The Bell would use their cast's unstoppable star power to deliver serious messages to their loyal viewers. The most memorable instance was this anti-drug ad that aired during season 3:

This was a momentous occasion in television history back in 1991. Apparently, the Philadelphia police department agreed, and decided to use the ad to promote sobriety 24 years after it aired. However, they put their own spin on the video by adding police commissioner Charles Ramsey's mug atop the face of NBC chairman Brandon Tartikoff. The comically inferior editing job achieves a level of ironic beauty that could only be executed by a disgruntled police officer. Maybe they made it bad on purpose to go viral, but that's highly unlikely.

Sources: YouTube