Mary Kate Heys, a 20-year-old British woman, recently lived ahorror movie nightmare on a backpacking trip through Australia in early December. Thankfully, the story has a happy ending—Heys is fine. But for hours she found herself in serious trouble at the hands of a man claiming to be "half alien, half human."


Heys met the fellow backpacker at a hostel, where she thought the Swedish 23-year-old seemed completely normal. According to the Daily Mail, they became friends over a couple weeks. But when he asked her: "Do you want to go on the adventure of your lifetime," Heys started to notice some glaring warning signs.

"His eyes were really wide," she told NBC News in the video above. He had "psychotic eyes."

Nonetheless, Heys was already on a trip with this man. They had agreed to a short trip to Brisbane, but he soon told her they were "actually going to Cairns," an 18-hour drive away.

"And he said, 'I'm gonna say something that might alarm you. But I'm gonna say it in the best way I can.' He said, 'I'm half alien, half human.'"

Her reaction was to say something like, "Right, ok." But he spoke with "such such passion that I actually kind of believed him."

She didn't really, though.

Heys gave a full account of the harrowing journey to NBC News.

He continued to rant about being an alien, telling Heys that she was an extraterrestrial, too.

"You're the one, you're the same as me, you're the one I've been looking for."

"And he said 'grab my hand.' So I grabbed his hand... And he said, 'Can you feel it?' I was like, 'no.' And he said you'll feel a warmth, soon you'll feel a switch come on inside you and you'll be exactly the same as me."

As all this took place in the man's car, he reportedly wouldn't let her leave his vehicle. So Heys did what anyone would have done in that scary situation—she texted her dad. Her father was able to share her location with the Australian police, and after a harrowing two and a half hours, according to Heys, they finally forced the car to pull over.

"I just leapt out of the car and ran over to the police and I couldn't let him go of the policeman like I was in some weird shock. I was crying and shaking."


Watch Heys' full account in the video, above.