Deck the halls with boughs of cat. (via)

It seems like the time for cats to climb on, topple over, and otherwise destroy our Christmas trees comes earlier and earlier every year, doesn't it? Nothing says "joy" like the sight of two guilty-looking little ears poking out from behind an ornament, and nothing says "Again? Are you freaking kidding me?" like someone whose cat just knocked over their tree for the fourth time this December. It may be true that cats hate Christmas, but they adore the opportunity to ruin something we love.


Best seat in the house for Santa's arrival. (via)

A better view to see if the digital clock makes any sudden moves. (via)

On New Year's Day, it's back to the attic with you and the rest of the ornaments. (via)

There were probably a few cats creeping around in the manger that night. (via)


Call me a Grinch to my face, human. (via)

I don't need to be rescued. I can knock this tree over anytime. (via)

No need to let a fear of heights get in the way of your love of being in the way. (via)


If I hold perfectly still, maybe I can convince them I'm a string of popcorn. (via)

Yes, that's right. Leave me all the boxes... (via)

I was not stuck. You were stuck in your closed-minded anti-cat-in-trees stance. (via)

Man, wanton destruction is exhausting. (via)


Zoning regulations state nothing in this house can be taller than the cat. (via)

All I want for Christmas is to be trapped in this tree forever. (via)

If I fits I awkwardly holds on for dear life. (via)


Catmouflage. (via)

(by Shira Rachel Danan)