If only all nature videos could end like this.

I don't mean to offend anybody who has hippopotami in their family or is really good friends with a hippopotamus, but I would be remiss of I failed to point out that the species H. amphibius kind of has a reputation for being dicks. They're widely considered to be one of the most dangerous and aggressive animals in Africa, supposedly killing dozens of people every year. In fact, one dude got swallowed whole by one of these guys a few years back.

So, when you hear a story begin with "There was this adorable little duckling who got stuck in a wading pool with a couple of enormous hippos," your first instinct is probably going to be bracing yourself for a hard tale of the cruelty of nature. Luckily, that's not the case here. Which is nice for a couple reasons: It's too early in the week for me to deal with that kind of reality, and my editors probably wouldn't have let me post a video of a baby duck being dismembered.

Sources: SHISHDEM | h/t Tastefully Offensive