It's very cute that a deer and a rabbit are playing together, but also it looks pretty weird.

Bunny and Deer frolic together in Colorado

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Posted by News10 Sacramento on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sometimes when my cats are playing together, I can't tell if maybe they're actually trying to murder one another by slow inches. But they both respond to things similarly (yowling), whereas with a deer and a rabbit, what might be fun for one could potentially be terrorizing for the other.

For example, that deer is a baby, but it's so much bigger than the rabbit! How are they working it out? Is the rabbit actually scared and thinks running in circles is the best defense? Is the deer feeling aggressive towards the rabbit and is working up the courage to stomp its face? Even if things in this relationship are as loving as we hope, the sheer mechanics of this friendship viewed in real life makes Bambi into an even weirder, sadder premise than it already was. Still very cute though.

Sources: News 10 Sacramento