It's like Pooh got his head so stuck in a honey pot that he became Eeyore.
(via Facebook)

A suburban saga of social media and animal rescue unfolded this weekend as the plight of 'Bucket Bear' quickly attracted the attention of the residents of Perry Township, PA, where the bear was spotted multiple times wandering with what appeared to be a bucket stuck on his head. Wildlife Department officials have been aware of the bear for at least a month (there have been sightings since June), but claimed they could not assist because the bear was not hurting anyone.  It finally became public knowledge when Krissy Elder used a photo of the bear wandering on the side of Route 368 to begin a "Save The 'Bucket Bear'" Facebook page on August 31st. "I watched the bear bounce its head off the fence," said Elder, "that poor bear couldn't see where it was walking."

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